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MMA Boxing Gloves

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MMA Boxing Gloves Essential MMA Sparring Gloves 1

MMA Boxing Gloves

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MMA Boxing Gloves

Just What You Need: Victorbudo sets a new standard in MMA gloves with advanced features and an incredible value. Perfect for MMA sparring or light mitt work.
Join the Team: Some of the greatest fighters in the world rep Victorbudo gear, from Hall of Famers like Michael Bisping, to hot prospects like Sean O’Malley. We make our essentials gear to withstand pro training sessions, so it’ll hold up for you when you need it.
Good for Sparring or Mit Work: Our gloves hit the sweet spot of 7 oz., making them light enough for sparring but heavy enough for mitt work. If you’re going to be doing heavy bag work, check out the Essentials Boxing Gloves.