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Real Quality Boxing Gloves

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Real Quality Boxing Gloves Essential Gel Boxing Gloves 1

Real Quality Boxing Gloves

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Real Quality Boxing Gloves

Just What You Need: For those ready to start off on the right foot, Voicotrbudo Essentials Gloves set the bar for quality gloves with incredible value. More than just starter gloves, Essentials pack features that other gloves charge a premium for.  
Modern Design: Engineered Leather gives these gloves a classic look that’s easier to maintain than traditional gloves. Our mesh palms will help your hands release heat while working.
Gel Impact Protection Foam: Gel foam underneath the lining absorbs the big punches better and will get you through the toughest rounds.
The Perfect Fit: These gloves will feel good from your first session until your last. Longitudinal arch design ensures a natural fit and our hook and loop closure system keeps them snug and secured.