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Weightlifting Palm Grips

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Weightlifting Palm Grips

Code: VB-LG-001


Weightlifting Palm Grips

Palm Grip are perfect training aid to get through high rep workouts without tearing your hands. This unique 3-in-1 lifting grip protects your hands like a glove, works like a lifting grip and supports your wrist like a wrist wrap. Fightsense Gears Palm Grip has a Neoprene wrist support with neoprene textured palm grip. The wrist support is adjustable with clinch ring and Velcro closure. The wrap around finger less hand design provides total palm coverage and prevents excessive sweating. 

Fightsense Padded Weight lifting Bar straps.
Made from a Durable and Long Lasting Material
Comfy feel and protection.Bar Straps.Pull Up Straps.
Padded cushion for wrist protection.
Great for Weight or Power lifting.
One size fits all.
Come as pair in packaging.