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Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Code: VB-RG002


Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Not all rashguards are equal. The Long Sleeve Rash Guard shine through their quality, fit and durability. Designed for superior performance, comfort and many training sessions, the Hayabusa Rash Guards are manufactured with the best technology and materials.

The Long Sleeve Rash Guard uses victorbudo exclusive high performance moisture regulating agent. This keeps the muscles warm for the best sports performance.

- Optimized with Hayabusa's high performance fabric for optimum comfort and flexibility.
- The design is completely sublimed and will not fade during washing or training.
- The Hayabusa Rash Guard protects you from cuts, abrasions, and also has a hygienic function against bacteria and fungi.
- Keep the body dry and the muscles warm, for maximum sports performance.