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Fitness Neck Head Harness

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Fitness Neck Head Harness Fitness Neck Head Harness 1

Fitness Neck Head Harness

Code: VB-HH-005


Fitness Neck Head Harness

Our neck exerciser boasts an adjustable strap design, double stitching, will not be ripped and break down due to weight and use.
The strap with secure, deluxe quality thick nylon head strap to give you premier comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights.
There are four D rings, two rings connect strap around the head, two rings connect buckles, and the strong buckle can hold the weight.
The load-bearing belt is made of nylon braid and triple sewing thread, it can suspend weights and will not fall off.
Boxers, kickboxers, water players and MMA fighters are suitable for using the strap to develop the strength of their neck.